Clinical Protocols

During the clinical education section of the course,  students are provided an opportunity to apply and develop their learned massage skills in a fee-for-service setting with the public. ALL students must understand and comply with the following policies:

ALL student therapists must be present and ready for clinic session at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time.  Any student therapist who presents late, or who fails to show up at all, will receive no classroom credit for the visit, and shall be subject to disciplinary action and additional clinic requirements.

Clinic attire needs to be clean, pressed, and cleared by the educational director prior to participating in clinical exercises. Slacks must be worn by both male and female therapists, closed toed dress shoes must be clean and in good condition.

While we understand the right for personal expression; visible facial and body piercings may make some clients uneasy and are strongly discouraged.  Additionally, good personal hygiene is crucial during clinical exercises and will be reflected in the student’s grades. Cleanliness and good grooming (i.e. hair, nails, body odor, etc.) will be closely monitored.  Please refrain from wearing jewelry, perfumes/colognes, or chewing gum during client sessions.

Each student must complete 200 hours of massages. Omaha Blue Waves will provide a portion of the clients from an active client base, however; students are expected to generate their own clientele as well. Clinic schedules will be one week in advance so that students have ample time to adjust personal schedules and sign up. The fee for each full hour massage completed is $35.00 and is collected by the school.  According to State Law, NO student shall be directly compensated for massage therapy services while in the clinical phase of their education.